Database Development & Management

With databases at the core of everything cloud, working with your application, app or website’s backend/frontend architecture is just as important as making sure that the wheelbase of your car is ok, before driving it.

Our strong point is the integration of databases across multiple platforms, devices and keeping the consistency of your data in a single location. This is why we love the cloud.

With this notion in mind, we’re dedicated to working with any kind of programming environment and DB management that either you or we set up for the project.

Our experience spans to cover:
MSSQL, Oracle, FireSQL, SQLite, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, pretty much SQL anything.

Windows Applications

With Microsoft Windows being the most popular (and in a close race in the tablets market) operating system in the world, it’s imperative for a software development company to have a Windows-focused software development team.

Windows Application Development is at the forefront of all platform purely because of the Windows install base. But as much as Windows development is the majority of all platforms, we still focus on cross platform development to maintain one code base.

We’re handy in working on apps that comply with all the recent changes and updates for Windows 10, closely watching that we’re flexible enough to adapt to more alterations in Windows 10.x series…

We’ve worked on creating apps in basically all categories!

Android Applications

Mobile devices are by far the most dynamic of all enterprise platforms in IT, with custom software development companies like us crafting, coding, designing and testing every possible mobile application to run on tablets and smartphones.

So while the Google-powered Android OS ranks as number 1 in user popularity, it is still just number 2 in the app world.

However, closely following the recent updates and all the new features that go with it, we’ve been working on lots of apps for this platform.

iOS/MacOS Applications

The world of iOS and MacOS application development has exploded since the birth of the Apple AppStores. It has revolutionised the way we now look for and install applications.

App development is front and center of the most of our projects. Basically, working on crafting apps that run on Apple devices is the backbone of our routine. With cloud and database development we find that businesses need access to core data at their fingertips … 24/7.

We know everything that it takes to make these – from working with Apple Swift and Xcode to many other things.

So far we’ve been successful in creating apps for: education, gaming, 3D art, multimedia editing & playback and so much more!

User Experience and Design

it doesn’t matter what platform you application or app is designed for, there is only one word that defines the right user experience and design. That is .. perfection. Perfection comes from chosing the right set of tools right at the start of the development process.

As both the websites, desktop applications and mobile websites now offering more functionality to end users, that they can either need or apprehend, the UI/UX became front and center.

Believe us, after we’ve worked on hundreds of user interface & user experience prototypes over our long run as a pro dev studio, we know how it should be done.

That said, our team’s skills will ensure users will be happy with what they’ll get!

Quality Assurance & Testing

With all application development comes a QA & Testing process. We follow strict guidelines to ensure all testing is done prior to any release of software, on any platform.

With even the smallest application (whatever the platform) or a web service having thousands of lines of codes and involving hundreds of algorithms in order to work, the departments of Quality Assurance and Automated Testing are vital to the industry.

This means that while we make sure that all of our internal projects are thoroughly tested each time before the release, we also take apps and services developed by 3rd parties up for a testing.

Our QA testing will ensure quality!

We’re Building the World of Technology!

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